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• 3/30/2014

Tribal 2 Koa Results

Koa, it's been a tough couple of days for you guys. First you lost Ryan, then Mika quit, and now you've lost another member. So without further ado, here it is...

If anyone has the idol and they would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

(No one stands up)

Edgar: Okay. Time to read the votes...

First vote; Jacob

Second vote; Nate

Third vote; Nate

Fourth vote; Nate


Second person voted out of Survivor: Hawaii is......


That's four votes, and tonight that is enough. Nate, I need you to bring me your torch.

(Nate brings up torch)

Nate, your tribe has spoken.

(Nate's torch is put put and thrown into the fire)

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• 3/30/2014
Well... Nate did have a short temper. :/
• 3/30/2014

I haven't done, a thing since I got here....And I need to change that. Or else, I could be the next gone.

• 3/31/2014

Yay Jacob. Just turn in your votes, participate in challenges, and be thankful your tribe was had three people who sucked more than you


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