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• 4/7/2014

Day 12; Tribal Council 4 Koa Results

Hello Koa. It's vote reading time. So without further ado, I shall read the votes.

If anyone has the idol and they would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

(No one stands up)

Edgar: Okay. Time to read the votes...

First vote; Liam

Second vote; Liam

Third vote; Kordan

Fourth vote; Kordan. That's 2 votes Liam, 2 votes for Kordan

Fifth vote; Kordan. That's 2 votes Liam, 3 votes Kordan, 1 vote left

Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Hawaii is......


(Edgar is shocked)

(Edgar turns around vote that reads, "Liam")

Is either Liam or Kordan

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• 4/7/2014

I know you voted for me, Solar! 

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