Survivor: Hawaii

Season 1
Genre Reality competition
Winner TBA
No. of episodes TBA
No. of days 39
No. of castaways 16
Tribes ██ Akamai
██ Koa
██ Lokaho
Filming Location Hawaii
Season Run March 23, 2014-TBA
Opening Sequence
Coming soon
Next season Survivor: Honduras

Survivor: Hawaii is the first Reality Blog ORG season. It is also the first Survivor season on the site.


  • Hidden Immunity Idol- The finder of this power will be able to negate all the votes cast against them for one Tribal council.
  • One Day Exile- After the Akamai won their advantage on Day 1, they chose to send the, at the time, inactive Brenden to 1 day exile. This prevented his 0 score to be added to their tribal average for the challenge. He returned on Day 3 from his exile.
  • Tribe Swap- On Day 8, before the immunity challenge, the tribes were swapped.
  • Two Day Exile- After the Reward challenge, Dianted won and was sent to get an idol clue. The tribal swap then occurred, and he was revealed to be sent to Exile for the next two days. He would then join whichever team lost immunity and had to vote someone out.
  • Power Player- On Day 9, the Akamai tribe reached two consecutive ties in the vote, that was unable to be broken. So, Dianted became the the power player who, off of Exile, joined the vote and would decide who went home.


Contestant Nationality Original
1st Swap
2nd Swap
Finish Votes
RyanBW Zeroxd1
AmericanFlag Koa 1st Voted Off
Day 3
MikaHawaiiQuit LongLiveLion
United Kingdom Flag Koa Quit
Day 4
NateBW NateNJ14
AmericanFlag Koa 2nd Voted Off
Day 6
BrendenHawaiiOut Bwburke94
AmericanFlag Akamai Akamai 3rd Voted Off
Day 9
KordanHawaiiOut Kongaroo5496
AmericanFlag Akamai Koa 4th Voted Off
Day 12
1st Jury Member
HawaiiLuckyOut Luckyyy
AmericanFlag Akamai Koa Akamai 5th Voted Off
Day 15
2nd Jury Member
RusselOut Russelrules44
AmericanFlag Koa Akamai Akamai Quit
Day 16
Solar2 Manga XxSolarEclipsexX
AustralianFlag Koa Koa Koa Lokaho 6th Voted Off
Day 18
3rd Jury Member
MickeyHawaiiBad Mickey02Mickey
AmericanFlag Koa Koa Akamai Quit
Day 19
Dianted Dianted
AmericanFlag Koa Akamai Koa Quit
Day 20
KororHawaii KororFan
AmericanFlag Akamai Akamai Koa Quit
Day 20
KittenHawaiiBad Sliemy1
AmericanFlag Akamai Akamai Akamai 7th Voted Out
Day 23
4th Jury Member
Th DerpyandDawn
AmericanFlag Akamai Akamai Akamai 8th Voted Out
Day 26
5th Jury Member
Jordan GalaxyRemixZ
United Kingdom Flag Koa Koa Koa 9th Voted Out
Day 27
6th Jury Member
Casey smith Z-Scope 9
AmericanFlag Akamai Akamai Koa Runner-Up 0
Liam SoaringSpirits
GermanFlag Akamai Koa Koa Sole Survivor 3

Season Summary

The Game

Episode Title Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
1 "Hidden in the Corner" Akamai Akamai Ryan 4-2-1-1 1st Voted Off
Day 3
2 "She's Lost Her Marbles!" None Akamai Mika No Vote Quit
Day 4
Nate 5-1 2nd Voted Off
Day 6
3 "The Plot Thickens" [Dianted] Koa Brendan 2-2-2
3rd Voted Off
Day 9
4 "Don't Mess with the Best" Akamai Akamai Kordan 3-3-1
4th Voted Off
Day 12
5 "Beat This Suckers!" None Koa Lucky 2-1-1-1 5th Voted Off
Day 15
6 "Bad News" Dawny Dianted Jacob No Vote Evacuated
Day 16
Solar 3-3-1-1-1
6th Voted Off
Day 18
7 "Where is the Host?" Liam Casey Mickey No Vote Quit
Day 19
Koror No Vote Quit
Day 20
Dianted No Vote Quit
Day 20

Voting History


  • The tribe names each have a respective translation into Hawaiian. Koa translates into Warriors, Akamai translates into Wise ones, and Lokaho translates into Unity.
  • There are four non-Americans; three on Koa, one on Akamai.